Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages

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There are so many Commercial Mortgage lenders in the market it can be hard for you to know what’s best for you. Let us help you find the one that best fits your required loan-to-value and repayment timescale, leaving you to run your business.

Owner Occupied Mortgages

These are the loans required when you’re looking to trade out of the premise that you’re purchasing. Typically lenders will lend a maximum of 75% of the value of the property, but in professional occupation cases, they can go up to 100%.

The term length available can go up to 30 years. There is no restriction on property type, but if it’s more complex then a greater deposit could be required. It is also likely to restrict the number of lenders that are interested. This is where our specialist knowledge of the market will help you to find a solution that fits.

Commercial Investment Mortgages

We can look at both commercial-only and semi-commercial (mixed-use) properties.

As the returns can be lucrative, people like to purchase semi-commercial properties as long-term investments.

The loan-to-value on these types of mortgages is determined by the rent the property will be able to generate. The maximum loan-to-value on these types of mortgages is between 65% and 70%. Terms can go up to 30 years.

Residential Buy to Let Mortgages

When you are looking to purchase a residential property to rent out, you would get a buy-to-let mortgage. This can either be done in your own personal name or in a limited company.

Either way, the lender will use the rental amount to determine the level or borrowing.

The minimum deposit can be as low as 15% although 30% is a more accurate guide of what you will need. Terms can go up to 30 years and it is normally on an interest-only basis.

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