Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

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Is your business facing cash flow challenges due to outstanding invoices? Invoice finance, also referred to as Accounts Receivable Financing, can provide you with fast access to the funds locked up in those invoices, empowering you to fuel growth and improve financial stability.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is where the lender takes control of your debtor book and provides credit control services to ensure your clients pay on time.

This can help you focus on your business operations instead of chasing late payments, but as the lender provides the credit control, your clients will know that you're using an invoice finance facility.

Invoice Discounting

With Invoice discounting, you retain control over your credit control process. While this means your customers won't know you're using an invoice finance product, it also means you will have to chase your invoices yourself.

Invoice discounting works by the lender offering your business a percentage of the amount listed in your accounts receivable ledger. It then runs similarly to an overdraft facility. You can then raise an invoice, receive funds proportionate to the size of the full invoice. Once the customer pays you, the funds get repaid with a small fee and you keep the rest.

Selective Invoice Finance

Selective invoice finance allows you to choose specific customer accounts (selective invoice discounting) or specific invoices (selective invoice factoring) to raise funds on.

This could be a great middle ground option as you can give a boost to your cash flow, but keep other customers operating as normal.

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